Jersey cows and Grandma

This Jersey cow reminds me of grandparents in the best kind of way. They had Jersey cows and on the nights I slept at their house growing up, we'd wake before daylight to gather the cows for milking. That adventure endures almost as strong as the gravy and biscuits we'd eat when the job was done. My cousins and I loved the herding, but we really loved the eating. We kept track of each small delicate biscuit, trying to out eat each other. 

I remembered those days when I met this girl over in Prineville, Oregon while on assignment for The Oregonian. The connection cemented because this family owned farm of Sullivan's share the same last name as my grandma's people.  The Prineville Sullivan's use the rich Jersey milk for their handmade cheese operation, Cada Dia.  I didn’t get any gravy and biscuits on my visit to Cada Dia, as I used to in the hills of North Carolina, but I sure sampled some great cheese and so can you, by dropping in for one of their (seasonal) weekly tours.

Cada Dia070.JPG